How Recruitment Videos Can Drive Results for Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

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How Recruitment Videos Can Drive Results for Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Tips for Creating Powerful Recruitment Videos

Why do we remember some advertisements more than others?

People are wired to remember personal stories and visual stimulus, as long as the content is engaging and appealing. We also tend to remember almost 65% of what we see or hear as compared to 15% of what we read. These important facts apply to recruitment videos that can help engage potential candidates for your company.

Did you know?

1. Candidates watch 67% of recruitment videos on a mobile device.

2. It is YouTube, not the company’s careers page that pushes 53% of traffic on your recruiter video.

3. Career openings with videos have a 34% greater application rate.

What goes into making a powerful recruitment video?

A video that authentically conveys the opportunities and the work culture of your company has to be an important part of a successful talent acquisition strategy. Here are some ingredients that can make your recruitment video attractive and impactful.

1. Answer candidates’ questions – Talk to your HR department and focus on the most common questions every candidate asks. Answer them in your video in a way that is both visual and verbal.

2. Make it fun – Let your recruitment video show a typical day at work. Have your existing employees share what excites them to be a part of your company. Show a 360-degree view of the company right from the top management to executive-level staff. This sets the expectations right for applicants.

3. Keep it conversational – No one wants to hear a one-sided rant about just the values, mission, and vision only. Anticipate questions and use the video to strike a conversation with viewers.

4. Showcase your culture – Do you organize Friday movie sessions? Do you like to celebrate a new contract by surprising your employees with cakes?
Don’t shy away from showing all the fun you have at work. Don’t refrain from throwing in subtle humor or positive sarcasm in the video.

5. Call to action – Do you want the candidates to see your careers page for current openings? Seal the purpose of your recruitment video with a fitting call to action for the talent you want to attract.

“Use recruitment videos to draw the right kind of candidates one step closer.”

How to make a recruitment video that performs?

Making a recruitment video does not have to be a daunting task that requires you to set up a team and hire expensive equipment. Here are some things to consider while making a recruitment video.

1. Hire video production expertsOutsourcing the job of making a recruitment video allows you to focus on your core business rather than spending time and money in the video creation process.
Leave it to the video production partner or team to understand your exact requirement, ask the right questions, set up the equipment and schedule, and deliver a video that works for your future candidates.

2. Make it reusable – You don’t want to invest time and money in shooting the recruitment video again and again. It should be reusable over multiple recruitment drives, and thus, should have a broad outlook.

3. Make it compatible – with all the media and social platforms where you want it to be seen. Think of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond to reach your target audience.

What to avoid in a recruitment video?

1. Assuming that people know you already – While you may know who you are as a company, others may not. It is vital to show what you do and what value your business creates.

2. Using special effects – Recruitment videos are not movie trailers, so it’s important to keep it natural without any unnecessary dramatization.

3. Using still images throughout – Videos are supposed to capture motion and show life. You may want to keep only one still image each for the starting and ending.

4. Limiting the video to the management – You want to show the entire ecosystem the company works in. This should include the experiences of employees at every level.

How long should a recruitment video be?

Visuals have a high potential to attract attention, but they should not bore viewers to death. A regular recruitment video should be below 3 minutes. Convey the message concisely and stick to one main point.

How to use recruitment videos in promotion?

Once you have a great recruitment video ready, it is easy to present it through multiple channels without having to do additional work in creating content for different platforms. You can share recruitment videos via –

1. Your company’s social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
2. Your employees’ social media profiles. Many companies rely on employee referrals to get good talent.
3. Your company’s career site.
4. Video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
5. Company review sites such as Glassdoor.
6. Newsletters.
7. Recruitment events such as job fairs and campus hiring events.

Some great examples of recruitment videos

Take a look at these recruitment videos that stand out and do a great job of communicating (in unique ways) why their company is great to work with.

HubSpot – This video showcases HubSpot’s work culture and also shows how employees are a priority. It also discusses the company’s products and how they make a difference in the lives of thousands of customers.

Fiverr – This video has a funny and sarcastic approach that tells clearly what fun it would be to work and grow with the brand.

Dropbox – This video uses puppets(!) and takes a humorous approach to inform candidates about their fun work culture. It is quirky and memorable.

Toolbox Studio excels in producing custom company culture and recruitment videos that are fun to watch, highly shareable, and can get the attention of the best talent out there. Our team can create amazing recruitment videos that help you stand out from the crowd.

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