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The exponential boom currently being enjoyed by the media sector is simply phenomenal. The repercussions of which are blatantly visible across the major business verticals. Today, media and its plethora of sub-forms are seamlessly infusing themselves into many other businesses. For a key decisive department of an industry, such as Marketing, media – with its artilleries – has become the chief arsenal for the warfront.

The highly dynamic IT landscape is also benefitting from this seamless fusion. Innovative marketing, internal as well as external, is heavily dependent on exploiting the media sector, to reap in the much talked about “out-of-the-box” factor. To the effect of which, nowadays, video (video marketing) is increasingly becoming a crucial mode to woo potential customers as well as reform the internal work culture.


Here’s a video to better understand the positives video channels can contribute to your business.

Stats talk of high figures. By 2015, the number of those watching and sharing videos online will shoot up to 1.5 billion; something that’s twice as compared to the numbers seen today. Enough said; the IT industry won’t be able to overlook this potential channel for long. So the earlier they’d join the pack, the better in more ways than one. Because, comparatively, out of all the communication forms, videos are the most captivating media – transferring messages effectively across all sorts of recipients. We know – a picture is worth a thousand words – a video is capable of even more. So not considering the video format as an integral part of your corporate efforts, is simply a success suicide.

Here are a few pointers on how one can efficaciously use the video medium across the IT landscape.

–          HR Videos:  a deviant from the routine, HR Videos can actually be fashioned in a great way to engage your company employees at a deeper level. Consider it as a real-life form of storytelling.  Like a recruiting video or an orientation video, these seem inconsequential but truly serve a big deal in sourcing the right talent and making your company also stand apart. Fun, exciting HR videos set the right tone for employees and help them gel well with the company. Besides, heavy, pertinent information is put across easily.

–          Training Videos: need to get the new employees get-going with the work processes? Introducing a reform in current process? All this can be done in a lively way through innovative training videos. Besides, instead of reading or verbally listening to, training videos give employees the sort-of hands on treat.

–          Marketing Videos: of course, marketing videos will form a major part of your marketing strategy. By default, video commercials (whether online or offline) will be at the top of the list. Corporate presentations, video testimonials, product demos, event coverage videos, employee profiles, etc. are great modes of video marketing.

–          Project Management Videos: a good management strategy needs to be shared with one and all. Profiling a project management will certainly help the future employees in gaining insights into the real deal and as to how to tackle situations as and when they arise. From their inference, new processes and strategies could be introduced as deemed best.

–          Business Analysis Videos & Infographics: it is a good idea to showcase your case studies through the video medium. Instantly stand out with innovative visuals to immediately elucidate complex business data into easily understood illustrative videos and graphics. Visual medium has always been the best tutor ever. Your chance to make the most from them.

In conclusion, it should be clear by now why incorporation of corporate video production is a quintessential strategy. When your content has the ability to tantalise all the human senses, know that you’ve quite hit the emotional spot of that human. You are halfway through there. Easily shared and propagated across the internet, corporate videos make for the best type of consumption online. They have a large market share online and definitely a grand growth prospect for those making astute use of it.

Just FYI, Google loves videos.




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