Customer Video Testimonials – The Best Way to Build Trust & Credibility

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August 31, 2018
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October 1, 2018

Customer Video Testimonials – The Best Way to Build Trust & Credibility

H&R Block Customer Testimonial

When was the last time you bought a product or availed a service without first checking out other people’s reviews and recommendations?

We humans are in constant need of validation and it is no different when it comes to the things we want or need. We know that advertisements are floated because that is what catches your eye and stays at the back of your mind – but when it comes to taking the leap, we want to be doubly sure. So, why bother listening to a sales pitch when you can hear the truth from another person like you who has been a customer?

From a consumer’s point of view, this perspective makes total sense. And from a business standpoint, it should matter to you even more because nothing compares to the kind of credibility that a genuine customer testimonial can offer.

Text testimonials have been doing the rounds for years now and in different forms, too.

  1. Long-form articles that provide the complete lowdown
  2. Short articles that highlight the pros of a brand or its offerings
  3. Crisp reviews that get to the point straightaway
  4. Short snippets or two-liners that summarize the customer experience
  5. Ratings in terms of stars, grades or points

Several companies have used multiple platforms in a bid to make these testimonials reach their prospects – via their own website, external websites, social media platforms, etc. – and this still continues to be a vital cog in the customer acquisition wheel.

However, shorter attention spans and the incomparable love for video consumption is pointing us towards something that actually sounds quite obvious but isn’t done by a lot of businesses out there, strangely enough. Yes, we are talking about creating quality video testimonials and incorporating them in your content and marketing strategy.

Why video testimonials work

  • Video testimonials are, without a doubt, more engaging when compared to reading a blurb of plain text
  • Watching someone talk about something is more believable than reading what someone has written
  • Videos are high on the emotional quotient and better in terms of convincing ability
  • The recall value of videos is higher than text content
  • They are also very easy to consume and share

Let us take a look at some of Toolbox Studio’s favourite customer testimonial videos from across the globe and reasons why we think they are great.

1. Codecademy

The usage of powerful words makes this one a winner. Watch carefully to see how the benefits of the product have been emphasized upon (rather than making the classic mistake of rambling on about the features). On the emotional side, the words “empower people to find their purpose” hit all the right notes, instantly making you feel good as a viewer.

2. PayPal for SAP HANA

From Microsoft to Google, most big corporations and businesses rely on this format of video testimonials to up their credibility game in the market. Using a known and influential customer to talk about how your service or product has benefitted them is a fantastic way to establish credence, trust and authority.

3. Sunrun and Horizon Solar Power

Another one that strikes the perfect balance between being honest and promotional at the same time, this one “feels” more like a genuine testimonial than being an “advertisement” – won’t you agree? A family’s account of how they ended up saving money and the other benefits they realized is a great way of reaching the target audience and appealing to them on a very relatable level. Note how they have made an attempt to subtly answer common questions that the company’s prospective customers may have.

Have you considered making video testimonials for your business?

These are just a few examples of live action customer testimonial videos that have worked for different companies in the past. You might also want to note that one common element across all these videos is the quality of the audio-visuals. Now, you could consider shooting such videos from your phones or digital cameras yourself, but the result will never be the same.

A definitive planned shoot, with state-of-the-art equipment, lighting, cinematography, editing and background music is what makes such amazing videos even more phenomenal. At Toolbox Studio, we specialize in planning and executing the entire shoot for various types of corporate films, including customer testimonial videos.

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