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Top 5 Reasons For A Corporate Video.

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Would you prefer turning and reading some 20 odd pages of an uninteresting content or would you like watching an interesting 3-5 minute video? Obviously, you would prefer watching a video. A video is not only an interesting medium but it also serves the purpose of providing and more importantly, registering the information in the minds of our target audience. Today every business is finding it essential to create a corporate video and reach out to its existing and prospective customers. Here are the top five reasons why your business too MUST have a corporate video:

1)          ‘Express to impress.’

Your prospective customers would surely wish to see your infrastructure and the facilities for real. And when you have spent so much on these facilities and infrastructure, why not show it off as the professional hub of expertise that it is?

2)          Credibility:

A corporate video can garner you instant credibility and is highly recommended for the reputation of your business. People often don’t like going through the tedious presentations and playing a corporate video at the beginning of a presentation can engage them and make them believe that…it’s different!

3)          Convenience:

Your customers can simply watch your corporate video and not bother you with a site visit. Because a site visit often becomes a bit inconvenient for you as well as your customers. Saving time, energy, costs…is always a great idea.

4)          Short and sweet! Get the best possible message in the shortest possible time! Corporate videos can be short yet detailed. They are capable of narrating the whole story in a very short span of time. In just a few minutes you can show the viewer everything that’s relevant to them without jeopardizing their schedule.

5)          Easy to upload and  share

Search engines are simply in love with videos and it’s quite obvious from the fact that Google has bought YouTube. By adding tags, keywords for your video you can make it more accessible and you can reach out to the millions of your prospective customers. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo… make it easy to share the video using a link to the video or the embed code provided by the site. This makes it much more likely that people will share your corporate videos on their blog, Facebook page, or other social media account. This means that if you create a great message with your video, you could have others promoting it for you! The more your video is shared the more you reach out to people and your brand visibility can increase by leaps and bounds.

At TOOLBOX STUDIO we tailor-make high quality, content-rich films with style and passion. Our talented team of experienced directors, producers and editors have all the skills required to produce the wonderful video for you. Toolbox is working towards providing optimum solutions also in the corporate film productions, a trend that is catching up as an effective communication medium. Our AV Production support along with motion graphics backup is capable of providing various solutions as an integral component to your macro marketing strategy.

Let your corporate video speak for you in the most effective way. Reach out to the millions of prospective customers out there and show…you mean business!




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