Why Company Culture Videos are Essential for Hiring Top Talent

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Why Company Culture Videos are Essential for Hiring Top Talent

Company Culture Videos

Given the cutthroat competition in the candidate hiring space, it is obvious that employers and recruiters have to take that extra step to ensure that they attract top talent. Employer branding and candidate experience have become important terms and concepts in this realm and for good reason. After all, no one wants to apply at an organization that does not seem exciting or promising enough.

When we refer to a company being ‘ideal’ for employees and jobseekers, we are referring to the enterprise’s ability to attract prospective employees, including freshers as well as experienced professionals.

So, how do companies go about setting the bar high for themselves and competing with their peers to draw in the best talent in the industry?

  • For starters, they create a comprehensive online and offline presence for themselves.
  • They create engaging websites that showcase the organization’s capabilities.
  • They list themselves on job portals and avenues like LinkedIn.
  • They work on creating a positive perception about themselves in the professional world.
  • They tap into new media and technology to reach out to millennials and generation X.

It is evident that today’s potential employees give major importance to company culture when making a decision about where they want to work. Company culture and employer branding basically means developing an all-round brand experience that can resonate with jobseekers. Today’s enterprises are picking up the latest trends in the market and experimenting with different methods to showcase their company culture.

Types of company culture videos

One such popular and effective method is creating company culture videos and recruiting videos. Company culture videos come in different forms and styles, including:

  • Company branding videos
  • Employee testimonial videos
  • Client testimonial videos
  • Promotional videos for social media
  • Video ads for job listing platforms
  • Company profile videos for own website

The common factor in all of the video types above is that they try to paint a positive picture of the company in question. Creating a company culture video has a huge set of advantages. Different organizations can tap the potential of a company culture video by showcasing:

  • The company’s physical presence
  • Vision, mission and core values
  • Infrastructure and facilities
  • Team and employee activities
  • Workplace culture
  • Employee perks
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Reviews of the company from existing employees and collaborators

The idea here is to show prospective employees how amazing it is to work at your company. And once you do manage to attract the targeted people, it is up to the company to live up to the promises your brand makes in the said video.

Tips on making an awesome company culture video

  1. Keep it real

The thumb rule is to keep it real – your company video must be an honest reflection of who you are as a business and employer. Avoid misrepresenting yourself in a bid to gain the attention of jobseekers (only to disappoint them eventually).

EXAMPLE: The TOMS Customer Service Team Video

  1. Establish your purpose

The video that you make should not be convoluted or vague in terms of letting the viewers know what you want. Put forth your proposition loud and clear so that the audience knows exactly why your video should matter to them.

EXAMPLE: Apple’s Employee Recruiting Video

  1. Highlight the core values

An open-door policy, free perks and collaborative work have now become values that are expected from businesses. While making your video, make sure you highlight the core values that make you different from other companies.

EXAMPLE: The Value of Value at Atlassian

  1. People, people, people

It is no surprise that company videos that feature people (employees, workers, managers, etc.) do drastically better than those that only showcase fancy buildings, swanky offices and text/voice-based rundown of the company’s USPs and values. Featuring real people in your video can add a sense of freshness, relatability and credibility to your company culture video, as is evident from the example below.

EXAMPLE: Bamboo HR’s Work/Life Balance Video

  1. Add a dash of vibrancy and humour

We already have an overpopulated world of boring business videos. Make yours interesting to watch and ensure that you plug in funny and realistic things that might catch the attention of jobseekers. Check out the video below – it is not over-the-top comedy, but it makes you chuckle and also take a good look at the company culture.

EXAMPLE: This is Zendesk

  1. Never compromise on quality

If you believe in offering only the best to your customers and employees, why should the company culture video you make be any different?

EXAMPLE: Google Interns’ First Week

Companies like Toolbox Studio are experts at creating company culture videos and AVs for recruitment purposes. Having worked with businesses from diverse domains for over 10 years, we know what kind of videos work for what purposes. Our in-house team of writers and directors understand different types of audiences and develop ideas and scripts according to your unique needs and objectives.

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